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The CPA in public accounting has traditionally provided tax compliance services. For individuals this involves tax return preparation, consultation, and planning services. Our Company was the first full-time CPA business in Keller. We have provided computer printed tax returns in Keller since 1985. We have also provided electronic filing of tax returns since 1989, the first year that the IRS offered such filing capability in Texas. We pledge to continue to offer the best in tax services with the technologies available in our industry today.

RELOCATIONS? The Northeast Tarrant area is a very mobile society. We have lived here in the area for over twenty years and have acquired much experience in corporate relocations. We have references from Burlington Northern Santa Fe, GTE, IBM, AMR, and other companies with major relocations. As a result, we can help you with tax questions regarding the move, sale of a residence, stock options, and retirement plan distributions.

OUT-OF-STATE? Our Company last year prepared returns for over 30 different states. Our professional software allows us to prepare computerized returns for each of the states that has a state income tax. In fact, we prepare resident returns for clients from Florida to California who have moved to those states yet still retain our services.

ELECTRONIC FILING? As we stated, we have filed returns electronically with the IRS since 1989, the first year that the IRS made this service available. We have chosen not to offer refund loans on electronic returns. The reason is that you pay a usurious rate of interest on this loan to the bank that the electronic filing provider has chosen. If you want to pay such a fee, then I must recommend that you go to one of the national tax preparation service companies because we can not in good faith do this to you.

HOME COMPUTER TAX PROGRAMS Many of the over-the-counter national tax programs for your home computer are very good. If you want to take the time to do the program justice however, then you probably should try to prepare the return yourself. Because it does not save us any time to bring us your printouts and ask us to review them. We have no idea from where your numbers originated. We have preparer responsibilities and would need to know where the amounts were derived in order to sign the return as preparer. In our opinion, if you ask us to review the return, then we can be held to be the preparer as well. Our suggestion is to use our tax organizer that can assist you in compiling the data we will need to properly prepare your return. Please contact us if you would like to receive our tax organizer.   You may request this through our online guest book.

TAX PLANNING SERVICES Our professional tax software allows us to project the tax implications under a number of different scenarios. We often help clients with tax decisions regarding retirement plan options, Roth IRA conversions, incentive stock options or other tax calculations.  Please contact us if you need assistance in any of these areas.



Our Company has computer prepared returns for businesses since our inception in 1985. Our software allows us to prepare returns for sole proprietors, partnerships, LLC's, regular corporations, S corporations, and other business choices of entity in which you may operate.

STATE BUSINESS TAXES We can prepare out-of-state tax returns for any state tax imposed upon your business. This includes state income taxes, franchise taxes, and payroll taxes.



We have been filing fiduciary returns for over 20 years. These returns include State and Federal Estate Tax Returns (Form 706), and Gift Tax Returns (Form 709). In addition, the annual income tax return for estates and trusts can be prepared on Form 1041. We would be happy to discuss the filing of any of these returns with you.

Nonprofit organizations may have a filing requirement to prepare Form 990, 990PF, 990T or a variety of other returns. There are substantial penalties for not filing these returns. Please contact us if you need to see if your organization should file any of these returns.



We have a professional on-line library service as well as access to the AICPA library if there is a need to research any of the more involved tax situations that may arise. We feel confident that with these resources as well as our experienced staff, that we can be of help to you in researching extraordinary tax questions or problems that you may have.

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