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The Firm performs audit and review services for a wide range of clients.

An audit is the highest level of service that a CPA may be engaged to perform. An audit may be needed for regulatory or contractual purposes, or may be required by your bonding company. As a part of the audit, we will advise the client of any situations in their system of internal controls that we found could be improved upon.

A review is the next level down in service, but is substantially less in scope than an audit. A review nay be required for regulatory, bonding, or contractual purposes as well.

Our Firm has been providing audit and review services since its inception. The CPA profession chose a self-regulating quality review process in the late 1980's. Our Form is proud to have undergone three separate quality peer reviews since 1990, and has received the highest rating after each review.

If your company ever needs audit and review services, please give us a call.

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